Step 2 Raise

The best way to be certain you have noticed low skills in reading, writing and maths is to ask the person about it.

Raise the subject

It can be daunting to raise the subject, especially if you sense the person is likely to feel defensive or even ashamed. Rest assured that most people want to improve their skills, they just lack confidence. They may be unaware of the help available and just how swiftly their skills will improve once their tuition starts. Your prompting may be the nudge they need to finally address this challenge.

Consider the timing of the conversation

If they are obviously stressed, unwell, busy running after small children or working with their hands, it is likely not the time. Finding a quiet moment when you can sit down together and chat is ideal. If you are relaxed and comfortable, they will be more relaxed and comfortable.

There is no rush

This is just the start of an ongoing conversation.

“I’ve noticed that form gave you a bit of trouble the other day. I find them difficult sometimes. Particularly the online ones. Have you always had trouble with them?”

  • Mention what you’ve noticed in a non-judgemental tone
  • Frame it in your own experience
  • Ask how long it’s been a struggle