Step 4 Refer

Refer to the 1300 00 2610 number or 26TEN website.

Now is your opportunity to mention the support available to all Tasmanians.

“Did you know that if you call 1300 00 2610 you can speak to someone about improving your reading, writing or maths?

Would you be interested in doing this?”

If the response is ‘yes’

You could:

  • offer to attend the first appointment with them
  • offer to ring on their behalf
  • ask if they would like you to sit with them while they make the call
  • offer to catch up afterwards to see how it went

If the response is ‘no’

That is completely fine. You haven’t failed by raising the subject. They may not be ready, and this is OK.

If appropriate, you could:

  • let them know you would be happy to support them should they change their mind
  • remain open to discussing it again
  • check in the next time you see them